Danny Axelgod - a writer, producer, and entrepreneur - started his entertainment career by blogging for popular media outlets during the emergence of social networking platforms. After working with Warner Bros. Records as a Digital Media Analyst, Danny successfully launched his own digital marketing company and provided online entertainment services to A-list artists and major record labels. The content creator and operations specialist received his first big break as an A&R Assistant while working on an environmental themed album, which featured Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy Award Winning talent. 

In 2018, Danny created his entertainment imprint, AXELGØD. The brand was built as a means of constructing an intellectual property portfolio of creative works and providing business development solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and entertainers.

Shortly after working with a former Microsoft executive, Danny built The TeeShirt Company Limited, a socially philanthropic clothing production house that uses half of its net profits to help repay student loans debts for American graduates. ​

In January of 2020, the aspiring community organizer was accepted into the Chandler Innovations Program, an entrepreneur incubation development program sponsored by the City of Chandler. When asked about his ability to achieve success, he notes his core assets as being goal-oriented, passionate, ambitious, hard working, disciplined, and determined.


Business & Creative Development

AXLGD is driven by its passion to work with businesses, online platforms, as well as personal and creative brands to produce original content and high-value IP assets such as web/mobile platforms, books, film & TV scripts, music, and designs like symbols, names, and images used in commerce.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Writing i.e. plans, proposals, and presentations

  • Creative Writing i.e. original content, copywriting, editing, scripts, and blogging

  • Audio/Film Production i.e. music supervision, recording, pre & post production, engineering & finalization, and project management

  • Live Events Production i.e. public and private

  • Public Speaking i.e. business pitches, conferences, and seminars

  • Graphic Design i.e. album artwork, billboards, advertisements & promo, logos, flyers & posters, brochures, magazines, and social media content

  • Fashion Design i.e. CADs, look books, line sheets, and merch samples

  • Web Design i.e. Wix, WordPress, Shopify & Squarespace

  • Research & Development i.e. database creation, background information searches, and contacts sourcing

  • Operations Management i.e. staff development, supervising employees, budgeting, maintaining daily scheduling, and managing bookings and travel accommodations

Special Advisory Services

The company's deep connections combined with up-to-the-minute insights on new business trends and changing regulations creates real business value that goes far beyond a static list of services. So while technically its team is providing services, they are really creating connections, delivering insights and driving value that others can’t.

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