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If you know, you know...#RedPandaSniper

Sometimes you gotta put it on wax for the simple purpose of looking back 10 years from now to say I told you so...Sometimes it's just about self-accountability.

"I pray these ni99as understand how passionate the tale is."

If you trade or invest in the markets, then you should know about "growth stocks." The reason they pay low dividends is because they re-invest the majority of their earnings directly back into the company so that they can continue to grow, hence the name.

That's me, that's my company to this point. An entity that's underperformed but will outperform the overall market over time.

I'm a 90's baby, yet not a product of the microwave generation. This is a slow grind.

Do you know somebody who always says that they want to do something but never puts in the actual work to get it done? Of course you do, we all do - but I'm not him (or her)...I'm the opposite.

I'm "the one."

I put in ten years of blood, sweat, and tears into the absolute worst industry, just to be here now back at break-even. Some would look at the chart below and deem me a failure. With context though, others will understand why I'm kin to Kobe in '96 and Drake in '08.

From a financial perspective, that 1% net profit margin makes my stomach churn; in retrospect, remembering the following calms my nerves:

  • 45% of entrepreneurs fail within the first five years.

  • 65% fail during the first 10 years.

  • Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.

To compliment those statistics with a creative understanding, and this is based on personal experience, the average return on investment from most artists after ten years is in the double digit negatives.

You want to talk about perspective? I’m so fortunate to have my 1%, and the COVID-19 pandemic was the best thing to ever happen to my business. The grind work was so difficult throughout the process because, along with taking on bad debt, I struggled to produce substantial income while making it through. But looking back on what I've built and how far I've come, it's relieving to know that even with all of my stupid mistakes, my only real major fault was being too risk-on. Nobody will ever be able to question my willingness to win or my ability to turn it on in the fourth quarter.

The audacity of you private investors and culture vultures to close your doors in my face, not take the time to understand what I'm building, and not even return emails with so much as a “no, thank you.” Your actions are disrespectfully laughable, and so much so appreciated.

After opening my own shop in 2018, I took two years to strictly undergo extensive R&D, as well as produce original content in order to raise the future valuation of the company. To date, my creative-tech portfolio now includes three software & mobile applications (all working prototypes), two screenplays, a 5-part TV series script, a 2-part fiction novel, three pilots, and eight reality show treatments.

You thought I was cappin' when I said, "I'm the one"... No literally, I am the only one doing all of the work. Business plans, executive summaries, 5-year financial outlooks, investor proposals, merchandise samples, platform developments, and content productions - ask for the proofs-of-work and I will show you why I can easily be worth a cool billion dollars.

But ya'll don't wanna hear me just wanna check my Instagram and tell me that I don't have a blue check.

"These days, fame is disconnected from excellence."

I've got the blueprint for a vertically integrated entertainment enterprise and the only thing missing now is the finance...and oh what a fun part of the journey this is. If you don't understand the importance of IP ownership then this is definitely going over your head. Shout out to Jay, Nip, Dame, and Drake.

After shucking and jiving to learn the angel & VC investor dance, and taking over 50 meetings, the biggest lesson I learned brings me back to that 1%.

The key to true independence in any industry comes down to your income and the value of your assets. Your gross is cool, but how much did you net? Period.

It sounds like a simple ideology, but where I come from, they strip you of your assets before you can realize what they are, and stunt your income scaling abilities to hinder you from becoming smarter and opening up the market for yourself. That’s modern day slavery in case you didn’t know.

Hov wasn’t exaggerating when he said, “financial freedom our only hope.”

Be around people that are peaceful, inspiring, and full of integrity. 🐼

For me, purposeful pain and suffering leads to a reward. I credit the majority of my success to perseverance through struggle. I’ve walked through hell and been through the fire so I know what to do when the temperature rises. This is word to Red Panda, I’m going to make more money in the next 10 years than my family has in the last 100 combined.


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